Parent & Caregiver Opportunities

How Parents & Caregivers Can Get Involved

Principal / Vice Principal Selection

The Toronto District School Board includes a Parent Representative on its Principal and Vice-Principal Interview Committees each year. You can play a direct role in choosing the future leaders of our schools by sitting on the interview teams for teachers applying to be promoted into the Vice-Principal pool. If you are interested in more information or participating, please contact or contact the Parent and Community Engagement Office (PCEO) at

School Improvement Process (SIP)

A School Improvement Plan (SIP) is prepared by the Principal in consultation with parents and the school community.  The SIP is developed each fall using school data to build a common understanding of areas of strength and areas that require more learning and improvement. The SIP has equity embedded goals in the following areas: Achievement, School Belonging/Well-being, and Indigenous Education & Sovereignty. The SIP will identify when and how the goals will be implemented. These goals impact how schools spend their budgets, support staff development and make positive changes in the school and classrooms.  Principals are required to include parents and the School Council in the development of the school's SIP.  School Councils are also encouraged to review their SIP when planning and addressing Parent Engagement.

School Statement of Needs (SSON)

The parent section of the School Statement of Needs document is developed annually in the fall by parent representatives (School Council) in consultation with the school community and the trustee (when available). The SSON is used by the Superintendent to hire a new Principal in the event of a vacancy at your school. The SSON reflects needs that are specific to the school and community. Use these resources for completing your SSON: SSON Parent Guide, the Template for a Letter to Parents, and the SSON Form (pdf) or SSON Form (doc)

School Committee Participation

The TDSB recommends or requires parent membership on a number of school committees.  Parent participants for these committees are typically associated with the School Council.

Committees & Resources

Community Advisory Committees (CACs)

There are a number of parent and community committees that play an advisory role in the TDSB.  CAC meetings are open to the public. Consult the TDSB website for a comprehensive list of committees and more information on how to get involved. ​

Model Schools Ambassador Program

Parents/caregivers from TDSB Model Schools can become Model Schools Ambassadors.  Orientation and training provided.  Certificate upon completion.