Working Groups

How our Working Groups Operate

working group at meeting

PIAC operates through the work of a number of sub-committees called Working Groups.


There are two types of PIAC Working Groups:  Governance (internal) and Outreach (open).  Outreach Working Groups are open to PIAC Members and the public, and are a great way for TDSB parents and community members to get to know the education system and support parent engagement.  Governance Working Groups are open only to PIAC Members.


At PIAC, Working Groups:


PIAC Working Groups meet virtually. If you would like more information on the PIAC Working Groups or are interested in participating, please contact or complete our sign-up form.

There are several PIAC Working Groups that are open to the public, allowing parents and community members to contribute to the work of PIAC.

Outreach Working Groups

These non-governance Working Groups are open to any parent/guardian of a TDSB enrolled student and also to community participants, as per PIAC bylaws section 6.2.3.

You can join these Working Groups.

Governance Working Groups

PIAC Governance Working Groups are permanent internal sub-committees open only to elected PIAC Parent Members, as per PIAC bylaws section 6.2.1.