School Councils

Essential to the Education System

School Councils play a vital role in the education system in Ontario. They provide a forum through which parents, school staff, students, and other members of school communities can contribute to improving student achievement and well-being, and enhance the accountability of the education system. Ontario Reg. 612.

The purpose of School Councils is to improve pupil achievement and to enhance the accountability of the education system to parents. School Councils are able to make recommendations to their Principals and School Boards on any matter. 

Principals and school boards, in turn, must consult with School Councils on a variety of matters that affect student learning. They must also consider recommendations made by School Councils and report back to the councils on their advice.​ 

The PIAC School Council Toolkit

School Council Toolkit

The PIAC School Council Toolkit is your convenient guide to School Council operations.  Full of tips and important reference links, plus a monthly checklist to keep you on track, this toolkit is your council companion.

View or Download the  PIAC School Council Toolkit.

Customize our Monthly Checklist for your council.

Forming a School Council

Is your school struggling to form a School Council?

Every school is required by O. Reg. 612 to have a School Council.  Your Principal is responsible for this.  If you are a Model School, your Community Support Worker (CSW) can support this.


PIAC has prepared some Quick Guides for schools working on building a School Council.  Whether you have just formed a council or are wondering why or how to start one, our guides provide information and references for principals and parents/caregivers.  Click below to download the guides.

"Why School Councils Matter" - Parent Guide (PDF, 84 KB)

"Building your School Council" - Principal Guide (PDF, 91 KB)