Policy Consultations

Understanding Policy Consultations at the TDSB

The TDSB has adopted a Policy Framework (P001) and a Policy Development and Management Process (PR501) that guides policy creation and review. A new Virtual Consultations Procedure (PR731) outlines how consultations are managed in the virtual environment.

Changes to TDSB policies and procedures have a significant impact on student success, School Council operations, and parent/caregiver engagement. PIAC needs input from the TDSB parent/caregiver community in order to make informed recommendations to the Board.

The TDSB posts all active public consultations on its Policy Consultations page. These policies have reached Phase 4: External Consultation in the development process and are posted for public comment for a minimum of 45 calendar days. Staff also hold consultations with Advisory Committees, including PIAC, and other relevant groups as needed. Once Phase 4 is closed, individuals may still offer feedback directly by addressing the Trustee’s Governance and Policy Committee via the Delegation Process.  

Share your feedback with the Board directly: 

The TDSB holds public consultations before a new or revised policy is adopted. Public consultations range from online surveys to community forums. Parents/caregivers may also attend TDSB Board committee meetings where a policy is being considered. 

Parents/caregivers may speak at those meetings via the Delegation Process. "The TDSB is committed to advocacy and welcomes members of the public to bring forward issues and concerns they have through a delegation addressing a committee of the Board of Trustees (by speaking or submitting a written statement)."  

The agendas for TDSB committee meetings can be found on their Agenda & Minutes page.

PIAC Consultations Working Group

The PIAC Consultations Working Group organizes and shares information with school communities regarding the TDSB’s public consultations on policy development and reviews as well as on new initiatives from the TDSB. 

The Working Group welcomes parent/caregiver involvement, feedback, and questions so that PIAC's members can make meaningful recommendations to the Board.