Sharing Information with Parents, Caregivers and the Community

One of the School Council’s main roles is to share information with parents/caregivers and the community and to seek their ideas and views about matters under consideration by the council.

Communication can happen through a variety of formats. Your Principal can help you access board translation services to provide information in the languages your families speak at home. A combination of electronic and print formats is most effective for reaching all families in a school’s community. Examples include:

School Council Email Accounts

All School Councils/council Chairs are entitled to one TDSB email account. This account address always stays the same, and transfers to the new Chair as your members change, so your community will always know where to contact your council. Through this account, you will have access to:

Your Principal activates your council's TDSB email account annually, as well as submits School Council technical support requests to the TDSB Service IT portal. Consult the detailed set-up instructions.

School Messenger for School Councils 

School Messenger is a web-based communication tool that provides the School Council Chair(s) with the ability to send one-way communications to the parents/caregivers of their school community using the same database that Principals use to broadcast to the school community.  Chairs have access to School Messenger through their TDSB School Council email account.  As an official TDSB School Messenger user, council communications must adhere to the applicable TDSB policies and procedures and be CASL (Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation) compliant.  See the TDSB School Messenger protocol for full details.


School Councils may choose to set up a website of their own, however, all School Councils have a section on their school’s TDSB website.  Your Principal can arrange for School Council information like events, minutes, Annual Reports and council contact details to be posted on the school website.

Consultations and Committees

School Board Consultations

​School Councils play a crucial role in generating awareness for school board initiatives by sharing information with their parent communities. The TDSB consults the parent community on a variety of issues including policy development, new initiatives, and census surveys. 

Share opportunities for consultation with parent/caregiver communities.

Community Advisory Committees (CACs)

There are a number of parent and community committees that play an advisory role to the TDSB that School Councils may advertise and encourage their parents to attend. CAC meetings are open to the public. Consult the TDSB website for a comprehensive list of committees and more information on how to get involved.